Shoghi Default replied

384 weeks ago

Hey everyone,

I found this comprehensive guide for THM. It'll probably be obsolete after they update the job structure, but it's a good read and I found it helpful.

If you've found any others, please post them ^^

link text


AlBhed Mog Officers replied

384 weeks ago

nice guide :D! thank you, Shoghi ^^.

Indeed, as mage you dont last long on the battlefield, as long as your HPs are lower than 1 hit attack of 1 mob.

And you are usually fighting at least 2 of them at once (>_<) …

Advice: dont play a tank as Conjurer or Thaumaturge (like me , always (X_X)), 'cause you will go down, down, down … after 3rd-4th hit (if not healed fast enough) …

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Katra Default replied

384 weeks ago

A very nice and comprehensive guide. Once my PUG needs a rest, I'll probably give it another go; I think I took it as far as Rank 11. Now that I have a better picture of camps instead of relying solely on leves, it may be fun to work on a low level job.
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